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We’re excited to host the second annual EWB Youth Conference! Participate in active sessions about current events, international development, engineering, and the environment. Meet new friends and courageously commit!

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Information on each session can be found below. Each student will be signed up for three sessions. Every session will have an attendance sheet for students to sign upon arrival. Teachers will be contacted if a student does not sign in for a session.
The Global Refugee Crisis
Today, almost 10 million people have been forced to flee their homes and countries due to conflict or natural disaster. Join Dr. Stephanie Bangarth in this session to learn, discuss, and understand the many aspects of the global refugee crisis. Dr. Stephanie Bangarth is a History Professor at King’s University College whose research and studies include human rights, immigrant experience in North America, Canadian immigration policy, social movements, and political history.
Mobile Phones for Development
Explore how Engineers Without Borders contributes to international development work in Sub-Saharan Africa, through one of their ventures VOTO Mobile. Hilary Stone, Returned Junior Fellow of Western and VOTO Mobile, will share her experiences in Ghana working in the field of Mobile 4 Development and the power of the basic cell phone.
A New Way to Derive Stem Cells
Professor Flynn’s lab does research in stem cells derived from human fat, taken from medical waste at hospitals. This new research develops stem cells without the need for fetal cells. Stem cells are important because they are not yet coded for a specific purpose and can therefore be used for a multitude of different reasons.
Water for the World
Water for the World is an interactive activity led by Western's Engineers Without Borders. You will learn about water availability and the different challenges countries around the world face in their quest for clean water. Working in groups students will build their own water filters!
Environmental Leadership: A Case Study
In light of the recent Paris climate summit, environmentally-conscious leadership is more relevant than ever. This case study will give students the opportunity to practice their sustainable decision-making, as they brainstorm ways to reduce the emissions of real cities.
International Development and Engineering
As a whole, the Engineering profession has a lot to offer when it comes to advancing International Development. Join members of EWB Western in this session where you will learn about the relationships that each engineering discipline shares with International Development and explore how they all must work together in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
Egg Drop Challenge
Students will be given different materials for each group to build a device that will prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from a height of ~20ft. Each group will receive different materials and a time limit to complete the project to the best of their ability.
Green Campus Tour
Each guided walk-through specifically focuses on green features implemented in these projects, such as: Water and energy efficiency measures, environmentally preferable building materials and construction methods and measures to maximize indoor air quality performance. During the tours, we also encourage discussions of sustainability and environmental initiatives.
Youth Government & the LYAC
Interested in student government and want to learn more about youth government outside of the school system? Come learn about the London Youth Advisory Council, a youth government that amplifies youth opinion in many public policy issues in our formal government and institutions. Speaker Joyce Lee is a youth commissioner and member of Engineers Without Borders here at Western.
Farmville: The Struggle of Farmers in Developing Countries
An interactive simulation that places students into the shoes of Ghanaian farmers during a growth and harvesting season. Students will explore first-hand the constraints facing farmers in developing nations and the crucial role that outside NGOs play in agricultural development and aid.
Women in Engineering
An interactive presentation on the lack of women in stem. We will discuss root causes of the lack of women in stem program in today's world and look at how STEM has not always been a man's world as proven by some of the women who were pioneers in the software industry.
All About Algae
Manuella Oliveira has been working on her Master's in Chemical Engineering at Western. She will be talking about microalgae and biopolymers and how they can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!
EWB will do our best to place students in their desired sessions. Some students may be moved to different sessions depending on room capacity. Teachers will receive an email before Youth Conference with a spreadsheet containing information on which sessions students are sign up for.

information for teachers.
Youth Conference is planned during a “Study Day” for Western students. Campus will have less student traffic than normal.

Have bus drivers drop classes off at the round about in front of the Cronyn Observatory beside Spenser Engineering Building. There will be EWB members outside to welcome you.

Have students pack their own lunches. It will take too long for students to leave Spenser Engineering Building to go buy lunch. Classes are welcome to eat in the rooms used for Youth Conference.

All Youth Conference classrooms are close to each other. Please inform EWB if you have a student who may need assistance travelling from one classroom to another.