educating today's youth in the global problems of tomorrow.

the youth engagement portfolio is the largest and most active at our chapter and consists of three components.

School Outreach

The school outreach program visits local schools and offers free and interactive stand-alone workshops that cover one of many themes that provide students with global contexts of different world issues. These presentations are available to grades ranging from elementary school to high school.


The High School Outreach Program Experience Team is an opportunity for students to get involved with Engineers Without Borders. Join our team to learn about systemic change and how EWB is affecting poverty at the international level. Take on your own local projects with the help of the Western Chapter to make small, sustainable changes to your community.

Youth Conference

Youth Conference is a free, day-long conference designed to educate London’s youth about global and local development issues and facilitate the development of key leadership skills. Check in with us in February to inquire about bringing your class!

available presentations
Microfinance and entrepreneurship
What is one of the most effective ways to combat poverty in rural villages? The answer may surprise you. With enthusiastic presenters and an engaging hands-on activity, students will be introduced to the concept of microfinance and its powerful impact on entrepreneurship in areas where poverty is a pressing concern.

farm village
Farm Village is an interactive simulation that places students into the shoes of Ghanaian farmers during a growth and harvesting season. Students will explore first-hand the constraints facing farmers in developing nations and the crucial role that outside NGOs play in agricultural development and aid.

food for thought
A closer look at the concept of food aid. The presentation seeks to answer questions such as: Is simply giving away food aid always beneficial? What are the root causes of food insecurity? What role do Canadians have in addressing some of these issues?

systemic thinking
When faced with a global development problem, how do you proceed? Often, short-term, "band-aid" solutions aren't enough; rather, a long-term, self-sustaining system is required. This presentation explains the importance of these critical systems, and how they can be implemented with limited resources and real-world constraints.

water for the world
An introduction into the history and present-day status of Global Development, with interesting and interactive case studies designed to give students a holistic perspective on the topic.

what is EWB?
Engineers Without Borders is an non-profit organization dedicated to support long-term solutions to some of the most pressing issues in developing nations. This presentation discusses some of the organization’s philosophy, projects, and as well as the role of the local Western University Chapter in benefiting the local London community.

people-oriented leadership

EWB is passionate about investing in its people. This presentation discusses a unique approach to leadership - and how, by putting people first, leaders can maximize the unique strengths and skill-sets of their team to deliver highly-effective results.

*with sufficient notice, teachers can request additional/new presentations based on their curricular needs. length of each workshop/presentation is adjustable based on available time.

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