the jf program is EWB Western's direct contribution to development.

the program is a 16-month leadership experience which includes a 4-month work internship. fellows get the opportunity to work with global development projects in ghana, malawi, uganda, zambia, kenya or canada.

our junior fellows
what makes a good fellow?
we look for people who are passionate about global development, and are excited about the challenges that it presents. we want people who recognize the difference between charity and development, and who are committed to recognizing and challenging assumptions. As well, We are excited about people who can embrace ambiguity and adapt to their situations in order to work towards social change.
what role does a junior fellow play in the chapter?
One fellow is chosen every year to work at one of EWB's many ventures. The EWB Western chapter fundraises to subsidize the entire program cost because we believe the impact a fellow can have at a venture, as well as the experience they bring is an important investment. The fellow will return to school following their venture experience and share their experience with Western, London, and the rest of the organization at the annual National Conference in January.
key dates
October 14 - written application due
late-october to november - interview process
mid to late-december - decision announced
january through april - training
may through august - project placement
september 2017 through april 2018 - returning knowledge to the chapter