Fair Trade is an ethical way of doing business.

Fairtrade is a global movement that ensures farmers and artisans get a fair deal for their products. Through cooperatives, Fairtrade provides farmers with improved access to global markets and guarantees fair wages, working conditions, price security, and a premium that is distributed throughout the local community. By putting more power in the hands of the producers, it is changing how our markets work. For more information, check out this article.

the fairtrade logo
Fairtrade refers to the specific certification from Fairtrade International (FLO), which is a rigorous certification process with many different criteria. There are many products that claim to be Fairtrade but are not certified. These two symbols are the only way to guarantee the product being purchased has been produced in ethical conditions. Note: The logo is often found in blue and green.

fairtrade campus
summer 2014
fair trade western partners with hospitality services to work towards fair trade campus designation.
late october 2015
our annual Scare them Fair halloween fair trade event brings ethically sourced chocolate to the masses.
february 2015
as part of our my fair valentine campaign, ewb will be selling fairtrade candygrams in residences.
late september 2015
fair trade campus week begins a campus-wide, week-long, celebration of fairtrade.
early november 2015
fair trade western will be hosting bake sales throughout the month in spencer engineering building.

where can I buy fair trade on campus?
Fairtrade Certified products (including coffee, tea and chocolate) are currently available in many locations across campus, including;
The Wave and Spoke Tavern - Western Film - Grocery Checkout - All Residence Operations - Quotes Cafe in Weldon Library - Talbot College - Western Student Recreation Centre - Natural Science - Lucy's Café in Somerville House - North Campus Building - Law/Chambers Cafe - Great Hall Catering
to learn more about the fair trade western team, contact
Mike Allan – VP Fair Trade: mikeallan@ewb.ca