advocacy ensures global development is on the political agenda.

Advocacy is more than just a portfolio, it is a pathway. It unites EWB across the country with the goal of influencing Canadian politics. A strong example of this was Michael Ignatieff`s 2010 campaign in as he traveled across Canada, visiting university EWB chapters at each stop. This conversation helped to gain public support and show that International Development matters to Canadians.

our vision for change
· Mobilizing citizens across Canada, Our campaigns
· Building non-partisan relationships with Canadians politicians and Policy makers, Days of Action
· Cultivating goal-oriented partnerships, Working with NGO`s and communities to find a realistic goal and means to attain it
· Evaluating ad sharing the impacts of advocacy Work, reflecting on past action and how we could innovate further

how can I be involved
come out to our teusday and thursday meetings, and sit with our advocacy team. If you are unable to attend, please reach out to us on facebook or twitter.
learn more about the platforms of each party concerning foreign aid and international development go to